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Christian Möller «Light Blaster»
Christian Möller, «Light Blaster», 1993
© Christian Möller

Christian Möller «Light Blaster»Christian Möller «Light Blaster»Christian Möller «Light Blaster»Christian Möller «Light Blaster»

Keywords: Body | Light

Works by Christian Möller:

Electro Clips

Photograph: Dieter Schwer

 Christian Möller
«Light Blaster»

The observer is confronted by a wall of light measuring 4 x 5 metres. A fibre-optic cable transports this blue-green light surface into the space from a water-cooled laser onto a highly reflective surface attached to the cable at an angle of 45 degrees and rotating at 2,000 rpm. This scanner mechanism rests on a 3-metre-long computer-controlled arm that can move backwards and forwards. A sensor connects the observer's pulse to the computer system, which uses this frequency to control the movements of the light surface in the space, and a loudspeaker behind the light surface broadcasts the heartbeat being measured. The wall of light therefore pulses to the rhythm of the observer.


Christian Möller