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Christian Möller «Electro Clips»
Christian Möller, «Electro Clips», 1994
Photograph: Ivan Nemec | © Christian Möller

Christian Möller «Electro Clips»Christian Möller «Electro Clips» | play video

Categories: Action | Installation | Dance

Keywords: Body | Light

Works by Christian Möller:

Light Blaster

Photograph: Ivan Nemec | Edition / Production: Theater am Turm, Frankfurt

 Christian Möller
«Electro Clips»

'Electro Clips' is an installation in which a dancer can interact with light and sound. These are controlled by the movements and choreography of dancer Stephen Galloway, by means of photosensors on the stage floor attached to a MIDI sound system. Static light sources create stillness, darkness corresponds to sound, while active, dynamic lights and slide projections are programmed. Soundtracks with particular sounds blocks of text, rhythms and melodies can be called up individually.


Christian Möller