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Immersion and Interaction
From Circular Frescoes to Interactive Image Spaces

icon: authorOliver Grau

Digital art is open, transient, interdisciplinary, multimedia, processual, discursive, concept- and context-dependent, and, in addition, is increasingly oriented toward interaction with the recipient. Within the evolving art genres, virtual art has begun to further dismantle the traditional tableau; this time, in favor of a processual model of art. Interaction, telematics and genetic image processes not only encourage the crossing of boundaries; they also drive the trend toward fusing the perception of the users with interfaces that increasingly assail the entire suite of human senses. There are now immersive works that integrate into virtual art the genres of architecture, sculpture, painting, scenography, theater, film, photography, and even historic image media such as the panorama. The author demonstrates that concepts of immersion that are primarily mediated in a visual form have their own art and media history, a course that comprises various stations before reaching the present time. [more]more

Text Sections
icon: heading Photography and media representationicon: heading Art and image worldsicon: heading Lineage of the tradition of immersionicon: heading The panorama and its precursors I: The Sedan panoramaicon: heading The panorama and its precursors II: The «Calvary»icon: heading The panorama and its precursors III: «Villa dei Misteri»icon: heading The panorama and cinemaicon: heading Immersion as a concepticon: heading Image spheresicon: heading Displaysicon: heading Dispositions of the observersicon: heading «Iconic turn»icon: heading The ‹natural interface›: «Osmose»icon: heading Inner distanceicon: heading Virtual spaces of knowledge: Knowbotic Research/Hegedüs/Fleischmannicon: heading Interactive theatericon: heading Telepresenceicon: heading «Telegarden»icon: heading «Telematic Dreaming»icon: heading «Traces»icon: heading Evolution: Genetic articon: heading Summary