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Visual Summary

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Technological Constructions of Space-Time
Aspects of Perception

icon: authorHeike Helfert

With the development of technical media of representation, these media also simultaneously moved into the scope of artistic debates. The use of audiovisual media and new communication technologies has introduced numerous new aspects to the conceptual and aesthetic engagement with questions of perception. In this fashion, new possibilities are opened up in particular for the use of temporal-spatial contexts, which are artistically explored in many new ways and forms. Using selected examples, the author describes various aspects of the engagement with questions of perception in connection with the technical media of reproduction in the twentieth century. [more]more

Text Sections
icon: heading I Media Possibilitiesicon: heading The film mediumicon: heading Film timeicon: heading II The Video Mediumicon: heading Closed-circuiticon: heading Time space bodyicon: heading Video/TVicon: heading Video as an immaterial mediumicon: heading Technical manipulationsicon: heading III Physiological Effects and Extensionsicon: heading Perception spacesicon: heading Light and movementicon: heading Soundicon: heading IV Perception Apparatuses