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Suchbilder (Selichar, GŁnther), 1992Suchbilder (Selichar, GŁnther), 1992

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painting and towards the principle of the different mass media—the thought background into which the works of «Who´s Afraid of Blue, Red and Green?» are to be placed has changed. For the shaping of the idea in an Internet version, which was online in different preliminary stages beginning in late 1995, similar to the «Suchbilder» project I developed a game and a contest intended to initiate a media and creative process with the active inclusion of the public: The aim of the competition was to design a predetermined module online on the computer. The module consisted of a regular sequence of red, blue and green vertical stripes, and participants were asked to develop an animation out of fifteen individual frames that could then be run as a loop.

It was required to organize these fifteen individual windows in the order of their vertical stripes in such a way that an animation was produced for a large-scale monitor projection, for which each of the vertical lines could be set to either red, blue or green. The large number of theoretically possible variations provided enough leeway for individual designs and frames. After processing the fifteen frames, an animation was


automatically produced by clicking the mouse. The users could either reject the animation or place it in a designated gallery. This gallery was always accessible to anyone interested and constituted the reservoir from which three winners were ultimately chosen, whose animations were shown for four months on the Times Square Astrovision screen always at the last minute of every full hour. After the deadline for submissions had passed, using a specially designed Web interface a tenmember jury made up of artists, curators and critics from the field of new media assigned points to the contributions and designated three finalists. With around 10,000 single visitors and 650 submissions from eighty countries, participation in the project was good and there were many beautiful results.

Like the ‹Suchbild-project›, this work was based on participative methods, and I placed the starting and final representation medium, the monitor, at the center of the examination. This was important both for the individual users in their work at their screens as well as for the presentation level on the screen at Times Square. Times Square presents a maximum density of how a large square enclosed by tall buildings

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