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Cyborg configurations as formations of (self-)creation in the fantasy space of technological creation (I): Old and new mythologies of ‹artificial humans›
icon: authorVerena Kuni

This essay deals with current cyborg configurations in the field of tension between old and new phantasms of the creation of ‹artificial humans.› It introduces the mythologies of the ‹artificial human› one encounters in historical and contemporary texts and images from literature and the arts, all the way to popular science fiction. [more]more

Text Sections
icon: heading In the beginning there was…icon: heading ... the image of humans? Cyborg bodies and their contoursicon: heading «The Promises of Monsters»icon: heading Interface gendericon: heading Artificial humans or anthropomorphism as imperativeicon: heading The future Eveicon: heading Creators and their creaturesicon: heading Stories of creation, revisitedicon: heading Living imagesicon: heading Hybrids of art and scienceicon: heading Making monstersicon: heading «Reinvent yourself!»